Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life.

How many times have we all heard that line? Well guess what today for me it is. I woke up late and I am going to binge on pizza and do not much today because it is 40 degrees outside and I completely don’t care. I am going to lay on the couch and play Assassins Creed and feel good about it all. The reason for this? Because I am still going to do my workout today – later when it isn’t so hot and when I have I will have completed 2 weeks of doing it regularly without outside influences helping me. I still have a long way to go with all of my ideas – but I can see everything working, although I would like to see some more results on the scales – I am aiming for a visible 6 pack by Christmas and so far that almost seems a pipedream.

The quote posted above was the original draft text for this post – inspiring isn’t it. When I logged on today with the intention of getting my blog off the ground I’m not sure what I was expecting but it definitely wasn’t that. More evidence of my sensational ability to begin a project and then fail to see it through until completion.

I am just about to begin a series of personal challenges in the hope that it will build up my ability to see a challenge through to the end. These challenges will be 30 days in length each and some of them will overlap.

Challenge 1: Cold Shower Therapy

I read about this on a blog 16 days ago and have managed to take 16 cold showers since then. I begin with a quick workout of 50 pushups, 50 situps and 50 squats then take a 5 minute cold shower. Brrr. It isn’t that difficult to achieve but my gosh is it a solid way to jump start the day.

Days Remaining: 13

Challenge 2: Spanish Vocabulary

I want to build up my Spanish ability and the best way to achieve this is through consistent practice. So I am aiming to spend 15 minutes a day or more practicing Spanish for the next 30 days.

Days Remaining: 30

Challenge 3: Teeline Shorthand

I want to be able to write in shorthand because I believe that it will allow me to become better at my job, by being able to take better notes during meetings, lectures and briefs. So I will spend 30 days doing 15 minutes of practice or more because again consistency builds skill.

Days Remaining: 30

Challenge 4: Lumosity Training

I want to try and train my brain to be the best it possibly can be and over the next 30 days, using Lumosity this should be possible. I was lucky enough to get a six month free full membership so I plan to utilise this to the fullest and see if it is worth purchasing.

Days Remaining: 30

Challenge 5: Journal

The last and probably most difficult of these challenges is that I wish to journal my progress through all of the challenges. Recording the journey should have the benefit of both forcing me to achieve each of the challenges every day and build the habit of consistent of writing a consistent journal which I have been trying for several years to get started on. I am looking at a journal of personal development rather than a record of daily activity, so it will be interesting to see how it develops.

Days Remaining: 30

A side note on the original post is that while I may not have the six pack that I was planning or dreaming about I have managed to improve my fitness significantly with a regular weight lifting routine that I will write about at some point in my journal.


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