Challenges Day 2

Challenge 1: Cold Shower Therapy

Wasn’t even close to a struggle here today. I really am flogging this, but I am going to add in that I need to jump out of bed immediately my alarm goes off to get the benefit out of this. Aiming for a all of my workout, shower and to be dressed by 0630 every morning for the rest of this challenge – just to toughen it up a little.

Days Remaining: 11

Challenge 2: Spanish Vocabulary

Moving through Spanish at a fairly high speed. Learning how to tell people where you would go to do particular activities today. When I do my next run through of all of the lessons I will attempt to write this paragraph in Spanish to make it more difficult.

Days Remaining: 28

Challenge 3: Teeline Shorthand

Still waiting. Used some of this time to work on my Masters study.

Days Remaining: 30

Challenge 4: Lumosity Training

Another session of Lumosity training complete. The statistics are starting to show that I am improving already (I did a few days before starting this challenge). I would really like to bring myself into the top 10% of every category. I am not sure if this is possible but I will definitely be trying.

Days Remaining: 28

Challenge 5: Journal

I really enjoyed today, especially recording how each of the challenges is going. It doesn’t take much to spend a tiny amount of time both doing the challenges and coming up with a quick spiel about how they are going and how they feel. I don’t know if anyone else would ever want to read it, however it is out there and they are welcome to. If anyone does read it I would love to hear some comments. Perhaps by the end of my challenge I will actually be writing articles that I feel actually have some semblance of logic and may merit and actual readership.

Days Remaining: 28


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