Challenges Day 3

Challenge 1: Cold Shower Therapy

Got up straight as my alarm went, smashed through the push-ups and sit-ups. Slowed for the squats, but then nearly cried with the lack of water pressure in my shower. I can handle the cold, but no pressure? Come on! My collection of dashes representing my cold showers is starting to look decent, I am excited when the other challenges catch up.

Days Remaining: 10

Challenge 2: Spanish Vocabulary

Numbers and telling the time today. I am starting to definitely feel more comfortable with the Spanish language. I definitely feel that 15 minutes every day is much more valuable than big chunks of time every few weeks.

Days Remaining: 28

Challenge 3: Teeline Shorthand


Days Remaining: 30

Challenge 4: Lumosity Training

I am starting to see the numbers improve. Hopefully I will see the impact at work as well. Going to be quizzed with the whiteboard on Monday morning so it will be interesting, especially since I haven’t done any real engineering in 18 months.

Days Remaining: 28

Challenge 5: Journal

Hardest bit of the challenges was writing the journal/blog post entry today. I was so close to bed and the last thing I wanted to do was write about how I felt today. Urgh. Oh well done for the day, see you tomorrow.

Days Remaining: 28


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