Challenges Day 5

Challenge 1: Cold Shower Therapy

Got through my cold shower this morning. Used it as a pretty good wake up. Still struggled a little with the wake up. Though not as much as I will tomorrow when I set my alarm for 0530. New bed wake and sleep times are to be 0530h wake and CST which requires a lights out and sleep time of 2300h no later. Hopefully with my new use of the Habit Judo spreadsheet this will become a reality.

Days Remaining: 8

Challenge 2: Spanish Vocabulary

Currently smashing out the Spanish lesson as I write this, just taking a break between the video and flash cards. I am learning about the rooms of the house today, and the lesson is the first in the series that has been almost more Spanish than English so I am pretty excited about that as a lot of it made sense. I think that with a continued effort I will be able to move to the point that I can start to watch Spanish TV shows without subtitles and understand the gist of conversation. At that point you are really learning a language the way it is meant to be learned.

Days Remaining: 25

Challenge 3: Teeline Shorthand


Days Remaining: 30

Challenge 4: Lumosity Training

Again I did more Lumosity training than required, fitting in extra games during breaks in writing my assignment. I am still behind in how much of my assignment I have done however I am hoping to catch that up tomorrow before I go on a date.

Days Remaining: 25

Challenge 5: Journal

Well I have smashed out writing these blog posts about the challenges. I am going to start writing a proper journal again in my little black book of inspiration that I started several months ago. I may enter some of those into blog posts online however they will tend to be private I think. I also plan to when I hit the end of these 5 challenges start a new challenge for the blog posts that is to post 30 actual blog articles of 500 words or more that are structured and contain useful information. However this is a later goal once my head is in the space for writing – and I will actually edit those posts so that they are less stream of consciousness writing.

Days Remaining: 25


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