This is the place where I will be recording the goals and tasks that will help me get to level 50. I will also be recording my progress towards those goals here. Shamelessly copied from Nerd Fitness. As the levels progress the number of experience points required will increase but hopefully so should my ability to achieve them. I am aiming for a level to take close to six months to achieve once the first level has been achieved which I am hoping to achieve before Christmas – which is putting a little bit of pressure on myself but hopefully not too much.

Progress: Currently Level Zero (0)


  • Level Twelve 2200 Exp Points
  • Level Eleven 2000 Exp Points
  • Level Ten 1800 Exp Points
  • Level Nine 1600 Exp Points
  • Level Eight 1400 Exp Points
  • Level Seven 1200 Exp Points
  • Level Six 1000 Exp Points
  • Level Five 800 Exp Points
  • Level Four 600 Exp Points
  • Level Three 400 Exp Points
  • Level Two 200 Exp Points
  • Level One 100 Exp Points


Currently the goals are unordered and no solid amount of experience points has been calculated for each, but that will occur slowly as the list progresses and improves, some older goals that have already been achieved may be retroactively added if I feel they are worthy – such as hiking the Machu Picchu Trail or climbing Hyuana Potosi. I will take some time to think about this as I don’t want them to pollute my score or prevent me from working hard because there are easy exp. points. Currently the exp points values are arbitrary but this will be consolidated over time as I become a better judge of the difficulty and significance of the goals. I will continue to edit the goals, order and assign exp. points values to them and as the list grows what I look like at level 50 should begin to take on a more concrete shape, then I’ll have to work out what I look like at higher levels.

  • Visit the Angkor Wat Temples (20 Exp Points)  – Completed Jan 2013
  • Become conversational in Spanish (South American Dialects) (50 Exp Points)
  • Learn to play a small set of songs the guitar (50 Exp Points)
  • Save $10,000
  • Do a handstand pushup
  • Do a set of 10 handstand pushups
  • Start a blog/diary/journal – How do I measure this?
  • Write a novel
  • Compete in NaNoWriMo
  • Become a published author
  • Read more fiction books (Needs some more specificity)
  • Graduate Electrical Engineering – Completed Dec 2012
  • Study for Post Graduate Qualifications – Begun July 2013 Masters of Systems Engineering
  • Invest $1000 in shares – Completed July 2013
  • Invest $10000 in shares
  • Save $100000
  • Buy a house
  • Buy a new car – Completed Dec 2013
  • Visit all seven continents
  • Visit every country in the world
  • Reach 10% Body Fat
  • Perform a planche
  • 100 pushups without stopping
  • Reach a 12 in the beep test
  • Get life membership at my local football club (15 Games Remaining)

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