Challenges Day 8

Challenge 1: Cold Shower Therapy

Still working hard at this one. I seem to be finding it not too difficult to maintain the rage. Once I get in the shower I am totally fired up for the day as well. Though as I near the end of the 30 days I am starting to wonder if I might not just keep it up for another 30 days.

Days Remaining: 6

Challenge 2: Spanish Vocabulary

Loving the learning of the Spanish. It is really starting to take hold in my brain. Though it will be a long while yet before I am having decent conversations. Looking forward to reviewing the material from the first course before then beginning on my Lean Spanish: The Fast and Fun Way textbook.

Days Remaining: 24

Challenge 3: Teeline Shorthand

Books arrived yesterday. Pretty happy! It is going to take me a fairly long time to get the hang of it I think, but I will just continue to persist. It will be such a useful skill going forward. It will essentially give me the ability to have a memory of every meeting, or presentation that I see. My aim is to get to about 100 wpm as I think at this speed I could comfortably record and participate in a conversation. I am also going to practice my typing, by typing straight from the Teeline outlines, as this will help with reading the Teeline and building my typing speed back up again.

Days Remaining: 29

Challenge 4: Lumosity Training

Brain is definitely starting to feel the benefits of the Lumosity training. I am definitely feeling a little sharper and my scores are definitely improving. Looking forward to the end of the month when I will display my graph on here.

Days Remaining: 22

Challenge 5: Journal

Got a little lost on the journal. Missed my weekly review and reflection that I wanted to add. I broke my rule of not missing 2 in a row for any of my challenges, but I just need to pick myself back up, jump on the bike and get back to speed. No wasting time feeling sorry for myself or lamenting my inability to do what I set out. I just need to keep moving forward and trying to get it right. It gets easier and more likely that I will achieve what I set out for each time I set out.

Days Remaining: 25


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