This blog is a place for me to reflect on the journey that I am about to start. Finishing university and moving into the real world. It will focus on my attempts to improve my fitness and general health and well being. I will also go through my attempts to level up my life, using www.nerdfitness.com, as an excellent example of where I would like to end up.

I am 27 year old Electrical Engineer and I am sure with a little bit of work you could find out my real name and all that fun information but I am going maintain a little level of anonymity on this blog and use the pen name Chips. When I refer to others I will also afford them the same courtesy and refer to them with a descriptor – for example Mum, Dad, Little Sister, who by the way will all probably feature on this fancy new blog of mine as they feature quite prominently in my life. I’m not going to be saying anything that I particularly want kept secret and will probably let people know that it is me writing it, but for now anonymity.

I am going to attempt to log my eating and drinking – this is my beginning to set myself up for change. Initially I will just be recording what I eat, but the aim will be to move to a paleo diet – mostly because it interests me but also because I have at least a small level of gluten intolerance. I am not entirely sure how I will organise these logs but I will work that out over time – luckily everything can be edited and reworked until I am happy with it, if I am ever happy with it.


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