Challenges Day 10

Challenge 1: Cold Shower Therapy

Had a numb face this morning! It was awesome. Only four more days to go with challenge – a pretty satisfying feeling. Too bad all of my other challenges are such a long way from finishing. I think I would like to try and offset them so that about every 3-4 days I am finishing a challenge.

Days Remaining: 4

Challenge 2: Spanish Vocabulary

Days Remaining: 24

Challenge 3: Teeline Shorthand

Started the Second Unit at work today. Didn’t do heaps – going to have to work on my prioritization. I want to get all of my challenges done, but I don’t know if I can keep up 30 days of all of them at the same time without losing the plot.

Days Remaining: 29

Challenge 4: Lumosity Training

Worked through another day of Lumosity training. I think I will play some more games tonight while I add extra work to my Systems Engineering Assignment – I am definitely going to do better with my second assignment.

Days Remaining: 20

Challenge 5: Journal

Wrote up most of this journal this morning before breakfast. Looking to get myself ahead.


Days Remaining: 23


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