Challenges Day 1

Challenge 1: Cold Shower Therapy

Got up, smashed out my push-ups, sit-ups and squats no problem. Jumped into the shower for the full 5 minutes of freezing and loved it. This is barely even a challenge anymore, I might have to do a couple of days of 10 minute cold showers to build up the challenge. Accordingly I will be focusing on achieving the other challenges a little more, just maintaining this one.

Days Remaining: 12

Challenge 2: Spanish Vocabulary

One more lesson on Spanish Dict complete. I think that I will repeat all of the lessons in 1. I should be able to do each lesson twice within the 30 day challenge which should cement the vocabulary in my head. I will also be trying to ‘think’ in Spanish a little during each day.

Days Remaining: 29

Challenge 3: Teeline Shorthand

Still waiting for the Teeline books to arrive in Peterborough so that Mum can bring them down. I will study them at that point. I think it is good that my challenges will become staggered as this will allow me to introduce new ones. I am aiming to have five challenges per week going, but one finishing each week and a new one beginning.

Days Remaining: 30

Challenge 4: Lumosity Training

Another session of Lumosity training complete. There isn’t much to write about these sessions except that I anticipate being able to feel a difference in mental aptitude at the end of 30 days.

Days Remaining: 29

Challenge 5: Journal

Well the evidence of this challenge is the above blog post. Work was killer today, all inductions and went forever. Hopefully it will be a little bit less hectic as the week progresses. I am also looking forward to getting the study all over and done, with the first assignment due next Monday and the last due in October.

Days Remaining: 29


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